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Even though we have owned alpacas since 2006, we feel that we learn something new about them every day.  We are very fortunate to be mentored by some of the most knowledgeable and supportive people in the industry.  Those were Linda and Ed Gardner of Blue Moon Ranch in Woodland, Utah, Dale and Jan Davis of Derwydd Alpacas in California, Hayley Jessup and Joan Speirs of West Ranch in California, Kelley Lucia of Pacific Breeze Alpacas in Santa Ynez, CA, Rick and Evelyn Derksen of High Plains Alpacas in Saskatchewan, Canada and last, but most certainly not the least, our good friends, Dennis (rest in peace, dear friend) and Bea Miller of Alpaca Palms in Wildomar, CA.

Linda was the first one to show me the magic of alpacas.  For that I will always be most grateful.  I was listening, Linda, when you were explaining your ideas on homeopathic herd maintenance, listening to the alpacas and just watching to understand them and their needs.  My herd is blessedly healthy with minimal medical intervention.  You were so right.  Linda, purchasing alpacas from you was one of the few regrets I've had of any decisions ever made over a bottle of wine! Thank you!  

Hayley, Joan and Kelley, the amount of information on the care of these creatures will last the rest of our lives.  Thank you!  

Dale and Jan, you taught us more about the breeding and the showing of alpacas than we could have learned in many years and you will always be one of the first calls when we have a question.  Thank you!  (Remember, Dale, that is the beauty of caller ID!)  

Rick and Evelyn, thank you for entrusting us with some of the most amazing alpacas from your twenty plus years in the business.  Those refined genetics have put us way ahead of the game in our breeding program.  

The alpaca industry lost one of its heroes in March 2010.  I will never help to deliver another cria without Dennis Miller's voice in my head telling me to "just back off and let nature take its course". And when intervention was needed, he was there on the other end of the cell phone, telling me what I needed to do.  Thank you, thank you!

One other alpaca breeder has made a huge impact on my life as a breeder.  I would recommend to anyone who is serious about wanting to understand the science of breeding for the finest of fleeces, read the articles published by Julie Skinner of Snowmass Alpacas.  She and Don know of what they speak.  The proof is in their herd.  I am in awe of their dedication and success in the dramatic refinement of alpaca fleece production in the U.S.  Thank you for your willingness to share that with the rest of the world's alpaca breeders!

When Rich finally retired from the advertising business in 2008, he didn't envision his days filled with hauling hay, mending sprinklers, putting up fencing, halter training, and helping to care for over 50 animals on a daily basis.  For hanging in there and allowing me to follow my dream, thank you, dear husband, from the bottom of my heart!
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